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2005 Expansion

The day we christened the 2004 expansion we were sitting back, admiring our work when the wife announced "It's too small and we need a bigger pond". So, in the spring of 2005 I tore out the back half of the raised area and started again. This time we installed two ponds, doubled the width of the raised area and built the back wall which runs to the new second raised area.


Here I am surveying my hard work The two ponds hold a total of 310 gal of water
I used the original, smaller pond to hold the fish while construction took place Yep, that's me, putting in some water plants
Tunnels were made out of chimney flue liners This will be the site of the Gold Dawg Farm
This smaller raised area will be the end of the point to point track Three 2ft chimney flue liners make a nice 6ft tunnel 

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