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Plowing Snow in 2005

In December of 2005 we had several inches of snow. At 9PM we had about an inch of nice powder. At 6AM the next morning there were 4-5" on the ground. I left my GP7 and snowplow car in the tunnel so it was cold saturated, in preparation of plowing. Haven't had a snow this good for plowing since. Enjoy!


Here comes the GP7 w/ Aristocraft PRR snowplow.  The NYC GP7 w/ PRR plow pose on the GDRR bridge
Passing the Gold Dawg farm. High winds took down the windmill Heading back into the tunnel to await it's next assignment
Brandi discovers it snowed 4 -5" overnight The snow plow team gets ready to go to work
Heading out w/ lights blazing The GP7 w/ sliders picks up track power pretty well

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