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CNJ Woodsided Caboose

Here is my version of the CNJ Woodsided caboose. I started with a Bachmann undecorated caboose, made new handrails, painted and decaled. OK, it is a little large for 1/29 scale but is looks good to me. This was my first try at painting and decorating a model since I was a kid.


My version of the CNJ woodsided caboose. A little large for 1/29 scale but I follow the 10' rule I used Krylon red and Krylon flat clear for the body. I used red oxide on the wheels. For the trucks I used grimy black and light coat of Krylon red primer.
I made new handrails using 1/16th brass rod and .080 brass washers for the flanges. Also added the roof braces A Yellow Glo LED lights the interior from a 9v Duracell. Same battery for two years



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