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Railroad Museum of PA

2009 Garden Railroad Tour

This was the 2nd year we went on the RR Museum Tour, which was on 10/11/09. We visited four railroads this year, two we had seen the previous year and two were new to us. 


On the way to the tours we stopped by Train Town, down the road from the Strasburg RR. I found this unusual car in the back Some Amish farms use old tank cars, standing on end, as water tanks. We found this one while looking for one of the layouts
This layout was mostly LGB and built by a young man when he was 16 Yrs old, two years ago The layout had a complicated track plan and lots of color
Jim Miller was at Mark Ole's Millersvillanova Railroad layout. Jim showed me his Revo controlled battery/sound 2 bay hopper car Jim Miller, Ward Hutton, Tom Parkins and Mark Ole's

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