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Radio Control System

from Aristo-Craft


The Revolution TE System was announced in 2008. Beta users received their systems in March 09 and production units reached dealer shelves mid May 09. By mid June most dealers had sold out of the system. New supplies arrived in September 09. The system consists of a transmitter, receiver, adapter board and a smoke system control board. A Non-PNP board with screw terminals is available for installing in non Aristo locos and a capacitor board is available for smoother track powered running.  

The system will work with Track Power or Battery Power, is easy to install and appears to be a huge success. It is quickly attracting a following of users looking for an easy to use, reliable Radio Control system with many features, including:

Plug and Play installation into new Aristo-Craft locos with PNP board.

6 Auxiliary Functions for triggering sound boards and controlling lighting accessories and smoke units.

Easy to use Menus for various functions and settings.

Headlight on/off controls.

Easy MUing of up to 6 locos.


Here are links to several good sites with information on the Revolution TE System, including my own review, Tips and Installation Photo pages.


Aristo-Craft Battery/RC Forum Discussions and good source for help with the new Revo TE. This is where I have learned the most about the Revolution TE system.


The Verstile Revolution TE My early experience with the Revo system. 


Installation Tips

Tips I have learned for installing the Revolution receiver and using the Revolution Transmitter.


Installation Photos

Photos of my various Revolution receiver installations.


LED Lighting Tips

On several of my installations, I installed new LED lighting so I could have full control of the directional headlights and have number boards and marker lights come on with the track power. Here are some tips on LED lighting.


Battery Power & Radio Control

Paul Norton has written excellent How To articles for installing the Revo TE in a GP40 and GP7/9 with battery power. There is also an article on using the Revo with the Phoenix 2K2 sound board.


Train Electronics Dave Bodnar's web site for train related electronic projects. Dave helped develop the Revo system and presents Revolution TE seminars at the East Coast Large Train Shows and others. He has posted these presentations on his web site along with information on building Revo accessory boards.




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