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Tunnel Portals - 2009

For 5 years I have been looking at the ends of the terracotta chimney flue liners I used for tunnels. I couldn't decide on what to use for a tunnel portal. This past spring I bought a good Rigid table saw and a portable compressor that came with three nail guns. The 18gauge gun seemed perfect for building 1/29 structures. I also got a 23gauge pin nailer for really small stuff. 

Well, having the right tools makes all the difference in the world. I cut down some scrap PT 4x4 I found on someone's curb and built these tunnel ports. I had seen a picture of a wooden portal with the braces as shown. I liked the affect and incorporated into my design. I made these up as I went, cutting and nailing. I could not have done it with out the right tools. Finally, after 5 years I have tunnel portals hiding the flue liners.


I've been looking at this ugly tunnel opening for 5 years. Having the right tools allowed me to get started.
I had seen a picture of this design on the internet. Here the RS3 tries it out for size.
Having portable tools allowed me to work at the site. Here is the finished single tunnel portal.
Hmmmm. now I need to paint  The special walnut stain gives the portal just the right look. 



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