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South Jersey June 2010

Garden Railroad Tour Page 1

Garden railroaders in Southern New Jersey have been having open house tours for many years. Usually these tours are the 1st weekend in June.  This year we visited 3 garden railroads, then topped that off with a visit to a local tavern famous for it's buffalo wings, ears and tails.

First up was Gene Ewan's layout. Gene had added a very large yard and a catenary line since we last saw his layout.


Gene likes CNJ equipment Rail fan view of a CSX rolling by
A RDC and LGB Electric sit at the station. The LGB was operating by catenary Gene had a realistic 7 car Blue Comet passenger train running. 
Another station serverd by the RDC car. Gene had a lot of nice detail on his layout. His LGB Electric and catenary line ran very well.
A lot of interesting equipment sitting in the yard. There were at least 6 trains operating at all times.
Main St. Kurt Nelson, Ward Hutton, Gene Ewan, Jim Bangert and Tom Ball

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