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Favorite Links

Here is a list of my favorite links! 


Arisocraft Trains Forum Forum for discussing Aristocraft products. 
Large Scale Central Forums Forum for open discussion of large scale trains
myLargescale.com Forum Forum for open discussion of large scale trains
Tips & Tricks & Garden Railroading
Garden City Railroad by Kurt Nelson
It's all Kurt's fault, he's the one who got me hooked on garden railroading. Kurt's creative imagination really shows on his layout and "Holiday" themed trains.

Ottawa Valley Garden Railway Society

 Revo Equipped!!!


Tips, Ticks and Modeling Projects from our friends up north. Paul Norton has posted several outstanding articles on installing the new Revolution TE System. Good battery R/C site.


TrainElectronics.com by Dave Bodnar

 Revo Equipped!!!

David Bodnar's web site of electronic products and projects for large scale trains. Dave helped in the development of the Revolution TE system and has posted several articles and presentations on the system.


The Large Scale Trains Page by George Schreyer
Great resource for tips & tricks. A lot of the Ts&Ts are from a few years back and cover early models of large scale trains.
Greg's web site by Greg Elmassian Great resource for tips & tricks. Greg specializes in DCC and QSI sound.
Ted Doskaris' Vignettes by Ted Doskaris Ted has written many great articles or "Vignettes" on G scale trains, many of them focusing on Aristocraft equipment. Thanks to Greg E for hosting Ted's Vignettes. 
The West Berlin Garden Railroad by Bob Whipple Bob has done some great detailing on the Aristo Blue Comet Set and RDC cars. If you like CNJ, check out Bob's site.
Live Oak & Northern RR by Bob Pero Tips & Tricks on all aspects of garden railroading
LED Calculator One of several web sites I have found, this site has several LED calculators .
Ridge Road Station Ridge Road is my favorite internet store. The brick and mortar store is on my list to visit.
Nicholas Smith Trains NST is a great store for New Old Stock (NOS) equipment. My favorite brick and mortar store.
Watts Train Shop My back up internet store .
wholesaletrains.com Another back up store. Good prices but can be slow delivering at times.



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