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This is our way to share photos of our Golden Retrievers and Garden Railroading. I've divided up the site into two areas. One for our Golden Retrievers and the other for our Garden Railroad.

You can visit the various pages by clicking on the links below the photos below.

November 2015 - I kind of got distracted from garden railroading when I took up sailing in 2012. Then I noticed that people started telling my golddawg.com emails were being rejected. Turns out someone with a similar domain name gave it a bit of a bad reputation. So in 2015 I have been working on changing the name of my garden railroad over to the Gold Dog Railroad. 

I still run trains occasionally and I do not plan on abandoning my railroad. This is just a short hiatus as I get into a hobby I've dreamt about for over 30 years.

Golden Retrievers My Garden Railroad Photos 5/21/10

Biking Page

Area Open Houses & Tours 6/8/10

This site is under construction!

Tips, Tricks & Projects 8/8/10

This site is under construction!

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